MUFON 98932

Two right lights. Thought stars or planets. Faded away Was at the hotel. 7:15. Pitch black. Walked out to the beach with my son. To star gaze. The Big Dipper was up at about 35 degrees and Polaris was visual. Tonight unlike the other nights there where two bright abject. Brighter than anything in the night sky. I was shocked becasue I knew they shouldn’t be there. I was thinking a supernova. Lol. And two. But was utterly confused. Then they faded to black over ten seconds. Just slowly faded away. The security guard was freaked out becasue she cane out ten minutes prior. Saw them. And was curious. The smaller one below the larger one above was moving and circli g the larger. I did not see this. Then it stopes below the larger. And then together we all watched it fade away. Side note. I’m 53 years old. A doctor. And love nature and the outdoors and the night sky. I was playing with my sky walk app the day before. So I was familiar with that night sky at that location at that time. This blew me away. So so so so bright. Unbelievable. And then fade to black !!!!!!!
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