MUFON 98726

{tjd} Boomerang shaped craft spotted over woods with Orange lights all around on black surface, with red and blue exterior lights. Landed in woods and illuminated it. My wife and I were heading home from shopping with our one year old son who was sleeping in the backseat. We were on Rawsonville rd and noticed a flashing light near Tyler Rd by Willow Run Airbase in the woods. It was a whitish-blue pulsating light coming from the woods by the base. We then drove to the base and saw about 7-8 deer grazing near the road, seemingly not moving. We then headed back towards Tyler Rd and to our left in the woods we saw a craft above the trees. It was boomerang shaped, black surface with orange lights all along the surface and a red and blue light on the exterior. We then drove back towards willow run but no longer saw the craft. We kept driving around for an hour and saw the flashing light on the ground and even saw a white and reddish orange orbs by the woods and the flashing light was pulsating quite fast. Towards 11:00 PM we saw only one deer as the rest seemed to be gone. The only noise heard was a buzzing-humming coming from the woods. My wife took videos and pictures but didn1t get a picture of the craft. I didn1t see any other craft in the area. Possibly there were two crafts that had landed but we didn1t get close enough to see.

Source ID98726