MUFON 98326

Very bright and little wide at the first, when was above me like star with two small clouds on the one side It was 10:43 AM I went out of my house to my car. When I was sitting at the driver's seat, I noticed a bright light in the sky. At first thought it was an airplane, but it was very intense and did not blink. It was also wide. I dropped out of the car and watched it. It was coming from the east, at 40 degrees from the ground. I tried to record it but the bright sunlight did not let me see the screen of my cellphone. I only had a very small video and two photos. to give you to understand I thought I was recording it. Was move very smooth, I would say its speed was lower than an airplane. When it was over me, the shape was like a strong star, on one side he had two small "clouds" that were moving with him. When it moved deep to the west, I got in my car to follow but I did not see it again. I'm sending you the video, two photos, and a diagram of what I saw. Thanks for your time
Source ID98326