MUFON 97209

It moves fast and couldn't see with human eyes. I saw it my cell phone's record. 1. I and my friend went to Mongolia for trip. We recorded many videos there because of beautiful nature. 2. When I was back to home, first time I didn't notice that there was UFO. but I heard weird sound of our videos and repeated it then I saw a flying object there. 3. It was so fast and people eye couldn't see it, I think so. Because we didn't see any flying object there. 4. We records 2 UFO's at another location but nearby. It moves fast and straight to the north side. first video shows "Black rounded UFO" with little tiny sounds. Second video shows "White cloud with very big sound" 5. We only notice this UFOs after trip. that's because it was so fast to notice and we didn't hear its sound at actual location. I think this object is so fast to see and sound was so big only captured cell phone. I researched that Mongolia's Airplane and jet plane. but that country have near 15 planes. and our trip location we didn't see any flying objet and airplane. It only shows our video file. File 1: 00:00:23 ~ 00:00:24 File 3: 00:00:05 ~ 00:00:07 Would you check our video files? at first of the watching this file, I was frightened and didn't believe this kind of UFOs. and time goesby I send this file for public for verification.
Source ID97209