MUFON 97094

{rjl} Large rectangular bright object falling downward I was going outside towards the barn at approx 8:20 at night walking towards the west. I always look up to the sky on clearer nights, as star gazing is a hobby. Unexpectedly, I seen a large rectangular shaped object with the narrower ends on top and bottom stationary in the upper sky, which was extremely bright with a prism kind of look, and then it started to decend quickly straight downward, but disappeared quickly long before hitting the ground. There was no sound, and no aircraft in the area to be seen, nothing coming up from the ground either to think something was shining upward as any lighting or equipment. This was totally unexplainable. There was no burning out of anything, no flashes, or trails. It stayed bright coming down until it disappeared. It just appeared to be falling straight down, and then was just gone, like nothing was ever there.
Source ID97094