MUFON 95910

{cak} Large black triangle with bright white lights on each point at the bottom of the craft. Flying low a slow over my apartment building. I am a college student and had just finished playing video games around 430 in the morning, when I turned to face my window while looking on my phone. I was on my phone when I noticed really bright lights outside. My blinds were partially closed so I pulled them down to look because I thought there was a helicopter outside. That's when I saw a large black triangular craft slowly flying over my apartment building. The bottom of the craft had bright white lights, LED like lights, on each point. The craft flew in a straight direction, from the S/SW direction to the N/NE direction, and from what I could tell it seemed to only be maybe a few 100 feet above the apartment building, but it was hard to tell against the black sky. My window was closed and my fan was on, but for as low as the craft was I was surprised I didn't hear any noise. It was about a 10 second encounter and I texted my mom right after so I wouldn't forget what time it happened. Honestly, seeing that, kind of freaked me out a bit because it was something I've never seen before.
Source ID95910