MUFON 94909

{cak} Object flew directly over me slowly, then vanished as I ran to the back yard I was sitting on the front steps of my house waiting for my Mavic Pro drone to return from a Litchi waypoint mission (autonomous pre-programmed flight), and as the drone approached I could hear it. I looked up, and saw a group of square shaped panels, 13 in all (I think, not sure) arranged in a V shape, flying East to West. I said out loud "What the f*** is that?" as it moved directly over my house, I quickly ran through the house, to get to the back yard, with the intent of getting close to it with my drone to get some video, but in the 3-4 seconds it took me to get to the back yard, it vanished. I'm not 100% sure if it was one big object, or 13 smaller ones in tight formation. The tiles appeared to be white, or transparent. I was looking up into a very bright sky without sunglasses, so it was difficult to see detail clearly. My drone was flying at 399 feet, and the object(s) was above it. I reviewed my video, and I didn't see the object. The video file may contain something useful. I looked at it an didn't notice anything, but you may see something I missed. The video files are 4K and are huge, so I'm unable to upload them, but I'll be happy to share what I have if you want it.
Source ID94909