MUFON 93531

Me and 2 friends, were measuring a lot. I shot pics in 360 degrees on the land for reference with a SONY 20.1 Megapixels, 6x Optical zoom. 1. We went to the outskirts of Tegucigalpa,the capital of Honduras to measure a lot and determine the size of 6 lots for home building.The day was strange, one moment sunny, next cloudy, then soft drizzle. I made a comment: look at that strange hole in the sky...could it be a portal to other dimension? The sky, clouds had a rare, strange beautiful color. 2. We noticed the object, when we returned to my friends Cybercafe. I discharged the pics from my camera, to observe them in a big monitor. 3.We were pleased with the beauty of the pics, then my friend said...Wait...What is that?...We jumped with joy...It's a spaceship...!!! We were happy to have a physical evidence, and know that it is true, not manipulated, and it was very close to us, to where we had been working. 4. We saw no action, neither motion nor situ. 5. I had seen a spaceship when I was in 6th grade elementary school, about 5 pm, in a hot day, in a clear sky, about 20 kms in distance, that glowed, moved up and stopped, glowed again and its light decreased illuminating a big portion of the it shot up to the right at very high speed, and started the glow again...and after a while, it shot to the stellae or traces and disappeared. I was joyful, happy, satisfied, gladdly surprised, my friends..the same. 6. We don't know how the object disappeared. we conclude that during our stay in the site, probably the object was near us all the time, without us noticing it, because we heard no sound.
Source ID93531