MUFON 93304

Short sighting of possible UFO over the city of David, Panam1 It was Friday March 9th, of this year 2018. We were 4 individuals gathered at the front terrace of our home at David, Province of Chiriqui, Republic of Panam1, my wife and I, and 2 old ladies, Friends of my wife. It was 8:30 p.M. aproximatly, when one of the old ladies friend of my wife, suddenly, stopped her conversation and pointed her finger to the black sky, at the East from our place because it was at the distance at 500 miles more or less in the air, a briliant light with strong red/orange and yellow lights. That thing was hovering for 2 minutes more or less, then moves a Little bit to our front or towards us, and then stopped, then quickly dissapeared very fast to South east path. This situation is very strange because we live in a Little city (second city of importance in Panam1) and the airport is closed after 6:30 p.m.--When we (the 4 persons there that day) saw those strong lights at may be at 10 km. in the air from our place, we heared no noice of plane, helicopter u oher machine made by man. This is all.

Source ID93304