MUFON 93088

A strange shaped symmetrical object floating for a bout 2 minutes over the estern mediterranean sea. I have been on watch at the bridge, onboard a vessel.I ve seen the object a few degrees north of the setting sun. Its height was about 3 finger lengths from the horizon with my arm extended , at 15 m above sea level. I 1st noticed 3 planes with chemtrails above the sun that was about to set. Then I ve noticed it at ( 19:30:04-19:31:08 based on time between 1st and lastt photos) for about 2 minutes . It was hovering, not moving up and down or towards any direction, had no emissions, looked like a flower bud, whitish bright. It could have been 3 times bigger than an airplane in that distance. In all the photos I took it looks solid , enough although the top of it seems to fade out, if not exactly solid , it looked not changing shape . I went in to ask the chief officer to have a look but by this time it has been covered by a cloud.
Source ID93088