MUFON 91923

{td} this was a transparent sphere size 10-12 in from w to e birds dissap and reap after gone this was about 5 pm on the 16 of march sat tv got glitchy so I went outside to walk around I noticed birds fly in a tornado type action the weird thing was they would dissapear and about 50sec to a min would be seen again and this repeated about three times. I then noticed a round really shiny sphere about the size of a basketball zipping really fast from west to south east it was almost too fast to catch if the background of the clouds didn't change I probably would not have caught it with my eye that is when I did notice the birds flying in a circle and they appeared and dissapeard. the weird thing was two f15 or f16s flew really close about 250 to 300ft they looked really huge in the sky above my house I figured that the military was doing practice bombing runs but there was nothing on the news about the planes and over the last months or so unmarked choppers were making circles above Wittenberg
Source ID91923