MUFON 91825

30-40 pulsating spheres I'm a little late to write the story, but my fear was bigger. I hope so I can contribute to the assumption that have here something to prove my own observation... On September 12, 2010 at 3:40 am, I woke up to see a strong, neon blue light in the room's wall for a moment. I could not sleep anymore, (I was wondering what this sudden light might have been) I made a cappuccino and went to smoke out to the balcony. From the corner of my eye I noticed the red-glittering spherical objects to my right. These objects rode up side by side, over the cloud and then disappeared. I quickly woke my husband and asked to come to the balcony to made photos. There was no other solution (we did not dare to camera flash) with open shutter speeds - I was trembling and I was scared to "noticed" so the quality of the picture was wrong. As a 30-40 pulsating, bright orange-colored object was observed. We did not hear any sound. The event was seen at 04:05 - 04:25. Until then the spheres continued upward. We had the feeling we saw smart spheres. They pulsed and turned upside down in two clouds invisibly in the cloud.At first glance I dare to say, I became a stone of fear. Long afterwards, I dared to visit the place where we assumed the location of the balls to take off. We were really surprised because it really happened from there.Thick broken branches and grassy ground were found. On one side we saw truncated trees and dried plants. Absolutely, we suspect that the event started from this place.
Source ID91825