MUFON 91726

{jpg} 2 red orbs hovered then went up then down then up and east then started flashing all different colors then red orb again and left going South West Was on my driveway with my dog. Looked south to a flashing radio tower. Suddenly what I thought was the top red light on the tower it flew straight up about 100 ft. then east about 70 ft. then came north right toward me. It was just above me now about 150 ft. up. It hovered about 30 seconds then went east a little then back by the radio tower, same height and started flashing very bright multi colors and was twice the size as when it was a red orb. Then back up as a red orb and went south west till out of view because it was blocked by trees. The second red smaller orb didn't appear till the 1st red orb stopped flashing and left before the bigger one. It took about a minute and a half before the radio lights on the tower went back on. One of my weirdest sightings so far. Not knowing what or who it was I prayed for protection and said Lord, please don't let it land. Lol.
Source ID91726