MUFON 91665

huge round object with bright lights above our rural property in hope B.c My father called us calm to see the huge bright light objects and just observe it . then it ascended into the skies and disappeared. I was 12 at the time living on rural property called Othello outside of Hope B.C> Canada It was a warm summer night and my father went outside to have a cigarette and called all of us to quietly come and see the huge object hovering over the property adjacent to us . My father was calm and we watched the objects with bright lights hovering and hover and hover and then took off straight up and into the the skies. As we discussed later my father had told us we are not alone in this universe. My father became a commercial pilot and as he retired and he bought a Fleet Canuck plane. My mother at the time and Dad were flying to see my Auntie Blanche in California. Apparently my dad got off the wrong run way and was told by area 51 that unless he redirected and landed on the appropriate runaway he would be shot down as he was in an area that was very secret and out of bounds.He was shocked and realized at the time they were protecting national secrets and aerospace. He did have a point. I also fast forward to Simon Fraser University in Burnaby B.C.where my brother James was studying on his Master's degree in history. There were sightings of a lot of bright lights and objects in the sky HE WAS DRIVING his car back to my sister's house in Roche Point Drive in North Vancouver to use her copy and fax machine. I was visiting at the time and saw my sister and her family and as I was leaving I saw a bright fluorescent green light under my brothers car. I called my sister out and my niece to come outside and showed them what I was I was seeing. I have always believed we have been visited before and I would like to share my experience. Thank you . I believe we are not alone and our aliens friends have come help us develop our nation and try to guide us. I have read stories that are credible yes we need to know who and what alines are here to help us and others who are not too developed. Thanks for listening. Veronica

Source ID91665