MUFON 91216

UFO busted As I was on the 8 flour balcony, it was sunrise and suddenly I noticed red-orange lights in the sky , behaving in a similar manner as the Phoenix lights. But as I was on the 8 th flour I could see they were actually coming from the ground up , positioning them selfs one next to the other in the sky , as they would arive to their place in the sky . Then it appeared as if they just disappeared one by one. But as I looked a little better they were still there -there was a grey disc like craft beneath each light , that was turned off . They looked very , if not exactly like the UFO Footage of 2004 released by the Government. Then they were flying , stopping, maneuvering in every direction , higher then they were when the lights were on. I was quickly starting to lose sight of them and then i managed to focus just on one that was still there. It went into a cloud then exited and then went in again. I didn't see anything after that. But , I'm writing you this cause later I looked on Google maps to see what was their location when they were coming from the ground up,45 degrees . It was -The German Embassy. I had to say this.
Source ID91216