MUFON 91170

{jpg}Saw 2 star like objects. The larger one was a star the smaller on was way up there. Moved so very slow. Wobbled around like an egg, then stopped then jog to left or right. Basic direction. From South to North then mostly West, North West. Gigar sha Took the dog out to potty. Was standing on the driveway having a cigarette looked up and saw a big bright star and one smaller star in the South East. Then I noticed it ( smaller) star jumped ahead to the North. Stopped, then to the west, then North, then stopped and repeated jerking around but mainly went from South to North West very slowly.. No sound, No flashing lights or colors. When it was almost straight above me the white light looked cigar shaped. I thought oh no. Another strange light I can't identify. Took almost half an hour to get North to my house then to the mostly west over my house. 23 degrees out and windy. Went in the house. I was freezing cold. To high up to get on camera. No cell phone.
Source ID91170