MUFON 90691

{cak} veiwed w/binocs asprin sized jellyfish 1.5 hrs. statioary watching 5:30 news, wife calls from store 3 miles away, asks me to go outside look to north, can I see anything? Went outside,observed bright glowing object NNE at about 80 degrees above horizon,absolutely stationary. Thought it may be a drone holding position for surveillance. After I got the 10 power binocs. I could see now a jellyfish shape completely stationary and not changing shape, but approx. asprin sized as viewed thru the binocs. By now she gets home and we both trade off looking thru binocs. She calls channel news, about 45 miles NNE is the direction and distance of their station and they are aware of it and had gotten numerous calls about it already but do not know what it is. If they could tell the angle and direction above horiz.As seen from their position we may be able to determine its altitude and size. It appeared to be glowing white, possibly from setting sun reflecting off its surface. It disappeared from sight after dusk.It could have been a huge clear balloon but balloons generally do not hold position for an hour and a half unless tethered,and if was viewed from 45 miles distant would be an extremely long tether indeed endangering passing commercial aircraft.(there were 2 commercial aircraft observed heading west during the time of this sighting and approx. position.)Our neighbor next door saw the object as well, he was viewing it from his driveway 30 feet east of us.
Source ID90691