MUFON 90650

bright lights blinking, colourful, would hover for long periods of time, numerous occastions We lived in Mispec, New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy. We had numerous sightings in the late 1950s. We were in a very rural area where most people did not have electricity near us. We had a perfect view of the bay with no fog or clouds most of the night hours that season. On our first sighting we had just come home from Saint John from visiting our familty. It was dark and no moon the first sighting. I have mapped out using google maps where we lived and where we saw our first sighting. It was my father, mother, brother and sister who witnessed this sighting and none of us knew what it was. Being from that culture we had heard numerous ghost stories of the maritime area and we grew up with that mindset. The object had 3 to 5 lights on it with changeing colours and blinking on and off. We knew it was not a plane, jet or helicopter and because of it being at least 100 feet over the ocean it could not be a ship. The oject moved only slightly for at least one hour, to the point we were getting bored. It did leave and traveled s.e. over the water and went into the bay. We had numerous sightings after that as well as the fishermen telling stories of what they saw numerous times while lobster and cod fishing as far out and 5 to 10 miles. Im 66 years old now and all of the people and family members are gone. but that being said not one person ever took photos of any of their sightings. I just heard about a documentory that showed how the Canadian government ask the American Navy to help study these sightings in the 50 and 60s. I would be interested in learning more about what we saw. I live in Las Vegas now and in the 1970s we wittnessed ufo's in the skies are Vegas but nothing Ive seen in Nevada was as close as these sightings. It is my theory that the reason for so much ufo sightings is our tides at the bay of fundy are the most extreme in the world. We have as much as 50 feet difference from low tide to high tide. As well at most of the Bay of Fundy is not over 300 feet deep which is perfect for marine life to reproduce. I am a disabled viet nam veteran and am getting ready to retire. I would like to learn more about what you do.
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