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Photos reveal strange circular object hovering and landed in the wild life reserve 00244923426602 I live in Angola - Luanda, I1m 35 years old and I would like you to take a look in some photos i took last week. I went for a work to a place called "Barra do Kwanza" that stays in the border of Luanda (Angola1s capital) and Bengo (another province) and this place is also the river mouth of Kwanza River that is the biggest river of Angola. So, in one of the margins of the river is a place called "Quissama Park" that is a natural reserve with a very rich flora and fauna. You can find there a lot of big wild animals like Zebras, Gnus, Nyalas, boars, Giraffes, Elephants, and others. I finished the work and since I always wanted to know the park I went there to take a look; there, I was convinced by the workers to try the safari that would take more or less 2 hours to finish. The weather was very nice with a little drizzle before and we started around 3 pm on a big truck. We saw a lot of animals on the way and after 30-40 minutes, we went to this place called "Salina" that use to have a big lake with a lot of animals around. On December 6, 2017, was a big fire on this place that took the life of a lot of animals, mostly reptiles that couldn1t run away. Nobody knows how the fire started. The locals told us that since the fire took place the elephants have stopped to go there. So, we were passing exactly on the prior fire place and the truck got stuck in the mud. We have tried to take it out with no success. We decided to call another car to help and after 1 hour he arrived. The second car got stuck too trying to pull the other one from the mud. We have been there for 2-2.5 hours. As we were waiting for the solution to get out of there, we started to explore by foot the area around, (not too far) is a beautiful place. As we were talking, I started to take some randomly pictures with my cellphone (Samsung Galaxy S8). I saw that the sun was in a good angle to take some pictures with the palm trees. I didn1t notice anything strange and there was a good feeling of being there despite the problems with the trucks. So, after a lot of efforts of the workers, they were able to take the car out of the mud and decided to take us to the base and pick up the other car on the next day. So, we went to the base to pick up our cars and go home. After all, when I was at home, I started to see the pictures and something called my attention. I was in shock, amazed about what I was looking at. I always wanted to see something because I really believe in it. I started to look all the pictures to see if I could find something else and I found in three more pictures. There was this ball orb or sphere in the first picture that looks like is hovering above the trees. You can also see the sun on the left side. In the second picture looks like she went down and left this track of light on the way. In the third picture looks like is going to the bush. The fourth photo, actually was the first that I took, you can see the object at ground level. I started to analyze one by one and maybe is just my brain that wants to believe but when I zoom in I can see some shadows of humanoid/ET figures, faces or bodies around the balls. Again, maybe is just my mind playing games. I showed the pictures to some people that was really impressed with the images and others told the might be some kind of reflection of the cam. I don1t know what really is so I would like to have your help on this.
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