MUFON 90224

UFO squad, composed bu many types and shapes, have communication by flashes with us After my friends and I made contact with 4 objects at the top of Anhangava hill, in the city of Quatro Barras, my wife and I see these objects daily, even in bad weather (even between lightning storms we have already seen). This fact is no longer secondary in my life, I have been investigating since the day that happened, and with each new discovery, I see myself increasingly involved ... As for the objects we saw on the hill, 3 had silhouettes similar to heads, while 1 was larger spherical shape. From time to time, the 3 smaller ones merged with the larger one. They all had the same pattern of lights, flashed most of the time a huge white light, and sometimes emitted a red light. We began to imitate them with signs of lanterns, and to our surprise we were answered every time. The contact began around 3 am, and ended near sunrise at 6 o'clock in the morning, when a huge red and spherical object appeared on the horizon, flew over us, and when we realized it, about 50 light points above of us, who we imagined were stars, began to follow her, all blinking white and red.They headed toward the sunrise and disappeared into the horizon. The 4 small projects that we saw first, remained on the top of a hill a little lower, Morro do P1o de Loth, where they responded to our flashes until the daylight took hold and it was not possible.
Source ID90224