MUFON 89948

square, four lights at each corner I went outside my hotel room to reconnect with the group I was traveling with. There were other people on the sidewalk. We all saw something in the sky over our left shoulder. I guess we noticed that it was traveling so quickly. Like seeing something dash past you. It was traveling away from us, but then banked right and stopped in the sky above the hotel building. It made no noise. The other people seemed to lose interest and walked away. This caused me distress. I tried to say something to them, but I was frozen. I was lifted from the ground, horizontally. It felt like a roller coaster in my stomach. I had no muscle control. The relaxation in my muscles was so complete that it actually felt great. I continued to rise into the air. That's all I recall of any of it. 5 hours later, I was in my hotel room, startled that people were looking for me. I was 8 weeks pregnant, so I was not taking any strange medicines or substances. Everything I saw is crystal clear in my mind. Extremely real and vivid. The object was a square with four glowing lights, one at each corner.
Source ID89948