MUFON 88939

several blue-orange lights on metallic disc, spinning right infront of a window I was about 10 years old (didn't know anything about UFOs or aliens back then). Woke up at about 9 - 10 pm because I heard a humming sound outside. Looked out of my rooms window and saw several blue-orange blinking/pulsating lights which seemed to be placed around the circumference of a metallic disc (about 5-7m in diameter, 1m thick)which was spinning. It hovered about 2m in front of me above the roof of my neighbours house (our house was 2 floors higher). After about 30 seconds it flew straight up at a high speed. I spent the next day drawing pictures of the object in school. (unfortunetaly my teacher took them all because my story was scaring the other kids...)
Source ID88939