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{cak} Terrifying flitting lights with no logical explanation please please read There are too many things to put in 25 or less.... I've lived in this small Midwestern town since I was thirteen. I fell in love with the stars, you can see the Milky Way right out the back door. There was a time when I wandered beneath the blackened sky with a safe feeling amongst the constellations...... Now I'm terrified to take the dog out. The main even I'm reporting on, happened tonight. I've never seen so many unusual lights. But let me give you back story. A few summers before I moved here, there were reports in this very small, rural community about about three horses and a dog coming up mutilated. The owners found them with slit throats, methodically done. A friend of mine who lived on the property next door, found a jar sealed with wax, filled with dead honeybees. The activity started up very badly this past year. I have approximately 50 acres of land, we don't use the back part at all. There is a large hill that blocks view of the rest of it, and onward. The past year or so, I've seen these shimmering lights on that back hill. It may be further than my own property, but they are not constantly there. Some nights you can't see them at all. They're ghostly, blueish white, some are coppery. They kind of... Roam around back there. A week ago, I observed three lights rise from back there. They looked so close, like they were right on the back hill. One was a slim, rectangular panel of lights, that tilted from side to side VERY slowly ascending from the hillside. Above it several hundred feet in the sky, was another silvery light that kind of blinked. It rose at the same exact pace, but looked almost like a star, flitting in little circles as if trying to stay in place. Once the paneled lights were a couple hundred feet above where they had arisen, both lights began to head from the Eastern sky to the southern, at an unhurried, casual pace. I became aware of another light in front of the big one, a small gold orb. All three objects kept in some strange, equally balanced flight path. Never accelerating nor falling back more than the space they'd risen to sky in, yet moving along the sky. It's hard to explain. This occurred around nine pm. A couple weeks ago, my whole family was home, it was late afternoon. A very loud roar that shook the house rang through an approximate 10 mile radius. It was out of nowhere, there were no clouds, no jet streams. There is a base(s) in the city, but we are nowhere near it. We don't hear war games. And we've never heard anything like it before or since. My father was outside, he said it sounded very metallic and loud. I asked around in the community and a few others living around the roads here also heard it and found it strange. Some explain it away as something to do with the wind turbine farms in the neighboring town, but again.... We don't hear anything to do with them, and they've been built around for years. We've never heard a peep. And only one sound? Tonight I saw two of the long paneled lights instead, rising from that Eastern hill. This happened around 8:30. Around 9 ish, I became aware of a very bright white orange light. It didn't hover, it was absolutely stationary. And it was there for some time, looking to either be mere feet above my garage, and small looking, or much higher and much larger. The light was so bright it cast a long shape "twinkle" shape that didn't move. I watched it for a good ten minutes. Before it silently, casually turned and bumbled off in a smooth flight path to the southeast, southern sky. I've seen strange shapes walking around out there in the middle of the night. Complete soundlessness..... I'm honestly baffled and terrified. I really would like to speak with someone.... I think it needs to be staked out, which I could assist with, and host. I need to know I'm not crazy. I need to know if I can believe the lights in the sky. I can't bring myself to walk back to that hill alone, something drives me inside. I used to feel safe beneath the sky, now all I see is some slinking menace. I don't believe I have a camera powerful enough to capture anything. Please help. Thank you p
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