MUFON 88575

{cak} 2nd time seen, 3 big orange ball lights, then numerous random flight planes, 2 different areas in 5 miles radius About a month ago I saw this same exact thing in the same area, just a few miles away. 3-4 orange light balls/squares, like that off the side of a ufo but with nothing else besides the 4 lights...1 went on, then the next one next to it, then the next one, and then backwards one at a time they would turn off. And then immediate "jet" style lights in 2 visible right next to each other, but at the same time numerous random lighter colored lights in weird circles, and disappeared. Except for the 2 in a line next to each other that flew east of the orange "ship lights." They were above "the store" gas station at state hwy 73, and state hwy 13. Then I began to tell my son about my past experiences and that I would take him to go show him where the 1st time happened to me, which was just about 5 miles south east of where we were by the gas station. Not too far away from where we live. County hwy D, on the far east side, almost all the way to hwy 73. Wide open vegetable fields down the long, straight, unbusy road. Very quiet area, very dark, very peaceful. Exactly the same spot where I was abducted/mind controlled around 17 years ago, there they were. 3 triangle "star like lights" holding their presence moving up, down, around in the small spots that they were protecting something in, then also smaller jet style lights, some were lighter and some were darker, and they flew like little kids back and forth and circles in small spot in center of triangle. Some disappear, some are visible but it changes every second. Then, at the same time are the missionary style jets that go next to each other and fly around the area in a wider area around the they're looking for something. We sat in the car and watched the whole thing for 1 hour, which seemed like 10 minutes. As we're watching this, within minutes we saw the orange lights again! In the middle of the triangle, where the "kids" were being silly. The lights went off then came back on diagonal. Then they went off and we didn't see those orange ones again. We watched for awhile and the more we looked around the more we saw so many tiny jet lines ones that were going on form's of up and down and fast and direct pattern. Seemed like the missionary 2 flashed their lights 4 times as they were flying. Sometimes they went fast, sometimes slower, but sometimes the last flash of the 4 they accelerated. So at that point I had to take my son home to bed. He saw EVERYTHING I did. And that means the world to me knowing my past where I was all by myself. He's been chosen too which, I think, is cool. So the area is the Plainfield, wi area for the triangle part, then the other part was south part of Wisconsin Rapids, WI. This is my 3rd event this year, just within them last few months. On top of that i was abducted/controlled twice. Once for a few hours straight.

Source ID88575