MUFON 87805

8 years experiencing encounters with these objects. The main and first object was a small ship, we saw it several times, I saw it over my bed and me at 1 meter distance. My family have experienced many encounters (more than 50) over an eight years period. The main and first object had many abilities. It was a small ship, a kind of autonomous ship, with artificial thought, not necessarily a drone. This ship had a source of energy inside, visible from under the ship. It was some gelatinous material, with a blue and white light, as the blue light in some human artifacts. We saw this objects at day and at night, especially at night. Some of them were transparent. At night they tried to hide from us. We also did see light in the wall, aside of our bed, at late night time. These lights had no visible source, just in the wall. The main ship had an accident. This accident allowed me to collect a very tiny amount of ship's material. I had this material. I observed it under a microscope and put many photos on the Internet. Next and last time after the accident, the ship showed an image. It was an alien face. I draw a narrated digital image of this face. These objects have been here on Earth since many years ago. I suppose they are studying us, secretly, collecting information about our anatomy, experimenting with us. And someday, I cannot predict when, they will show their real intentions.
Source ID87805