MUFON 86579

{dr}Bright stationary light seen while driving. Light turned off when I drove past. Looked back once I stopped and it was gone. I was driving home that evening. I had noticed some objects in the sky earlier on my drive that seemed odd at first, but turned out to be planes. This was not a plane. I first noticed a bright light up ahead, off the far side of the freeway, maybe half a mile ahead, if that. Initially I thought it must've been another one of those low, bright planes I'd been seeing lately, but as I got closer it quickly became apparent that it was not moving at all. I then assumed it must be a big light fixed on a pole or other thin structure. As I got close, I became certain that nothing was holding it up. It was dark out, but there was still plenty of backlight from the sky so that the silhouettes of objects could be made out clearly and obviously. I tried to discern any type of support as I drove past, but there was nothing. Just this completely stationary light, sort of round. I was driving on the freeway, so I could only spare so much of my attention, but as I exited the freeway, I got a decent look, and there appeared to be tiny accessory lights around it, implying a triangular shape, though the bright, round light on the center bottom made it impossible to make out a solid shape. And then I saw the light just shut off, as if someone had flicked a switch. This was just before I had to look away, as it was now behind me and I needed to look at the road, especially since I then saw a police car stopped at the light on Huron St. up ahead. As soon as I brought my car to a complete stop, I turned around in my seat to try and get another look at what I had just seen. I couldn't believe any of this was happening, and I needed to see more. But it was just gone. It's a fairly long stoplight, and I looked as best I could from inside my car. I wanted so badly to throw it in park and get out and look, but I was afraid of getting hassled by the nearby cops. It was just gone. It never moved, as far as I saw. I was only a couple of minutes from home, so I was deeply relieved to be able to immediately relay every detail to my husband, who is familiar with MUFON and knew the right questions to ask to document all this. After he typed out everything I could remember about it, we drove out together to see if we could see anything there. We figured it was gone, but part of me was really hoping to debunk it. I hoped maybe there was some sort of support structure there that I hadn't seen somehow. But there was nothing.

Source ID86579