MUFON 86431

Mmmmmm this is dream for me, i call them then what I say is very important even for scientists. because you first learn some truth, maybe something I do not understand correctly. First I want to say NASA and other cosmos organization to stop sending rocket to Mars, because I say aliens that they don't allow. second when I was a little on the floor opened black holes I knew that for dig and not approached near. third How I call aliens I will not say because this is my power to control that only I know what say them. fourth it was night, I could not sleep, and suddenly a very bright light from the window entered the room, I was flax to get up and see what kind of car such bright headlights. but it was not a car and a flying saucer, I later learned from a neighbor, they wanted to take pictures but no picture came out. this is the light that soothed me, I slept so soundly. okay, I open little secret. this light is a special light.-------- every human body needs a massage, the brain also needs a massage, but one can not touch the brain, not with fingers, not with medical instruments. only this light.------ Only I feel this calmness, all nerves calmed down. Many Many Many people you can HEAL, many many many schizophrenic addicts you can HEAL. YES only I what kind of light it is, what kind of algorithm it have. If you don't know, don't use on peoples, because it very danger. You can damage brain work. It is not gamma or other spectrum light. fifth what I said they let me in so I told you, they let me through the space. if I say more, they will take my intellect, and I'll be back in front of the broken trough. Now I am Administrator, before I did not like to read books. Now I am ASSS. sixth (danger number) aliens does not breathe, if I am right you are at gunpoint. Because I am chapter of them. And they listen to me. p.s. give people free knowledge and say truth about born the smallest as they were born, not about storks Thanks
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