MUFON 86141

Brightly coloured ORB/DISC hovering then moving off at high speed We lived against the one side of Table Mountain on the slopes of Devil1s Peak mountain just outside the Cape Town City Bowl area. My ex-wife and myself were busy working in the garden and our property normally allowed us the most amazing sunsets between the Table Mountain and Lion1s Head towards Camps Bay. That evening it was totally clear with no clouds and we enjoyed the last of the sun1s rays as the sun set...... and once the sun was gone, we were just finishing off when I glanced towards the direction between the mountains. There was still some after-glow from the sun 1 but what really intrigued me was this very bright Disc or Orb floating quite some distance out to sea. At first I thought it might be a large balloon reflecting the sun...but the sun had dropped way below the horizon already. The Orb seemed multicoloured but somehow moving and because of the distance, I thought it was my eyes that were merely playing tricks on I ran into the house and got my binoculars. Viewing the Orb was through the glasses was even more amazing 1 but it was totally weird. The only way to explain what I saw was that it appeared to consist of constantly moving molten light with constantly merging and changing rainbow colours. The colours seemed to flow into each other and simultaneously spin or rotate inside the Orb. It was stunning and mesmerizing and not an item I1d ever seen before. With the binoculars it was quite large and I scanned the area around the object but could not see any other flying object or aircraft that could perhaps have this item hanging from it. The Orb remained for more than 5 minutes and I even called the local newspaper 1 The Argus and reported the sighting to the duty journalist, but he was not really interested and said they1d investigate... A few seconds later the Orb moved slightly to the right and then suddenly sped off in a steep angle in a Northerly direction and disappeared. The speed and acceleration led me to believe that it was not a normal aircraft....firstly none of South Africa1s fighter jets could hover and then move that way and although we did have an amazing attack helicopter 1 the Rooivalk that was developed in the 801s 1 there was no way it would have been able to move across the sky at that speed.... Excited we told some of our friends and soon realised they were very dubious about our claims. Family members also just laughed and soon my ex-wife also preferred denying it had happened. The sighting has been on my mind for years and unfortunately I cannot deny what I saw that evening.
Source ID86141