MUFON 85287

I discovered a UFO hovering over while taking a picture of the area for my friend in the capital Greetings, This incident occured in the middle of June in Qusar, Azerbaijan. I was with my dad walking near the lake when suddenly, out of blue, I decided to take a picture of the area for my friend and send it to him via Whatsapp. Anyways, at first, when I took my picture, I was oblivious to the presence of UFO in it. The total number of pictures I took was two with interval time of approximately 2 seconds. In a gist, I later discovered that one of the pictures had a dull-colored disc shape hovering over the hill while the other picture, the one taken two seconds after the first one, had no disc shape whatsoever. My friend is the only person to whom the pictures were sent, and I am the only witness of the scenario, for my father didn't really pay much of an attention to the surroundings. The pictures in this case file are real and therefore can be examined further by the experts to whom I submit them. I felt that this case should be broached upon by people who have bonafide interests and expertise about UFO cases. Hopefully, this will serve as a token for this community. Best Regards, Anonymous.
Source ID85287