MUFON 84738

I saw a large light in the sky going from side to side and I got my boat directly under it and then it went out I was in my speedboat going out in the harbour and I observed a solid white triangle light, it was going from side to side and slowly descending. My boat was about 50 miles an hour, I thought it was a plane crashing, I got directly under the beam of light. I remember looking up and thinking "hoe huge this thing is" and then in an instant the light went out. The next thing I remember the boat was stopped and I remember turning around going home and feeling very peaceful and at ease but I didn't remember this event until two years ago in 2015 and this happened in the summer of 1992. I remembered this event when I was looking out my bedroom window late at night and saw the same thing in the sky and it made me remember this. I developed a small indented scar on my back and it's been there since 1992 and it never healed or went away.
Source ID84738