MUFON 84334

This was in Puerto Rico, Caribbean Territory of Unites States. I was a friend of mine. I was learning how to drive and at that time I was practicing in a Volky of 1971. The happened when we turned from R1o Piedras to Hato Rey, near Banco Popular at Ave. Luis Munoz Rivera. We were arguing about the existence of UFO whne he beat me in my knee and said to me, "So you dont believe in UFO then what is that and then over the roof of Banco Popular we saw the UFO. Cras stop engiones and traffic lights were off sudden when we get down the car....all the people in the avenues get down that moment in less than a secon the UFO moved were in now the Urban Train in Santurce, stop 26...we started the engine and hen arrived there and in that moment the UFO dissapeared in the same way it came. It was the most marvelous thing ever happened to me and friend who lives in Virgina. This happened in Puerto Rico in the caribbean but you dont provide space lost to write....

Source ID84334