MUFON 83585

When I realized what was happening the object rushed away The sighting occurred eight years ago but I had never shared it before. By that the time I lived in Estoril, near Lisbon, in Portugal. It was a clear late winter night and I was outside my house. I casually looked in the direction of land (the house was near the Sea) and I saw a huge object in the shape of a disc, of bronze color , shining and slightly inclined. I realized quickly that I was seeing a UFO and thought about running home to get a camcorder but I hesitated for fear of not being on time. In that brief time, no more than ten seconds, the object quickly accelerated and disappeared into the sky. The surface of the object had a rust-like but shiny color, on the surface it appeared to be seen rivets of enormous size and had some windows along its length. I was quiet all the time. In the days that followed, I searched the internet for some information about this sighting, but I did not find anything. All these years later I decided to share the experience.

Source ID83585