MUFON 83532

Passed over my location going SE to NW at aprox 2Mach, no sound, no sonic boom. Leading edges of object glowing green I was on a compound in the mountains of western Saudi Arabia, late at night alone in a hot tub in the back yard of my house relaxing before going to bed on a weekend. Sky there was very clear and I was watching the stars. I noticed a point of white light moving rapidly across the sky to the south east near the horizon and though it was a satelite. as it came closer I noticed 3 white light lights forming a triangle and as it closed on my position it appeared to be larger than I thought and I could make out the leading edges of the what appeared to be a triangular object and the edges had a florescent green appearance. The object was moving very fast. I was an instructor Pilot with the Saudi AF and F15s passed over the compound during the week. on climb out an F15 would be between 300 and 350 knots and took about 25 seconds or so to cross a piece of sky that took this object 6 seconds to cross. The object went out of sight to the NW did not turn or maneuver. I found it very interesting. No Idea if was one of ours or something else. Having been a fighter pilot for 22 years it demonstrated technology I had never seen.
Source ID83532