MUFON 82770

orange ball appeared , hovered then shot of at great speed A friend and I were travelling home from a class we attend around 10.15 pm, in the car. We were travelling on an unlit road. An orange ball shot from our right stopped in front of the car just above windscreen level approx 15 feet away and then shot off at incredible speed leaving a short trail of orange behind itself which disappeared instantly. The ball orb sphere, whatever you would call it, left so fast it became invisible almost instantly.I was the passenger in the car. My mouth fell open in disbelief at what I saw, I turned to my friend, (the driver) and at the same time she turned to me. It was as if we could not get the words out. I said, and she said at the same time,did you see that!. We then said omg! what the hell was that!We were a little shaken by it and also in disbelief.We spent the remainder of the journey trying to fathom out what it could be. The road had no other cars apart from one behind us that we later found out was a friend that had been to the class that we had attended earlier. I text him to see if he had arrived home safe as I often do and said omg!I have something to tell you. He replied, I have something to tell you also.He then said, did you see that orange ball thing come over the road, I replied yes thats what I was going to tell you. He said I was right behind you. I saw it come from the right. I have never in my life seen anything like it. I felt excited to see such a thing but also a little apprehensive as to what was going on. It was as if we were being checked out or something a bit unnerving to say the least at the time.
Source ID82770