MUFON 82578

A bright light in the night It was last February (2017)around 9pm when I opened the entrance door to let my dog in. Then I looked up and saw a star which first I took for Venus. At that time it is the biggest and shining star in the sky. Then I noticed the star was shining more and was getting bigger. First it was shaped like a cross. Then it became round and got growing and shining. I could watch it for the light was not blinding. Then I noticed the light was going down and climbed on a chair while wondering if I had time to go and tell my husband to come and see. So I jumped down and run to the bedroom asking my husband to come quickly. It took me about 6 or 8 seconds to go and come back. Back to the door I climbed back on the chair. My husband saw then the same as me. There was only a small light left which disappeared while descending down above our horizon. From the moment I saw the light to when it disappeared it took only a couple of minutes ! A few days after I heard on radio that some people had seen the same light.
Source ID82578