MUFON 82470

{dr}Large UFO with surface lights cruising along ridge/mountain line turn and flyover highway and out of sight Around 12 to 1 A.M. driving US 72 East from Huntsville, Alabama going to Scottsboro, Alabama with one other in automobile (person does not wish to be known). March of 1996 temperature above normal - about 55F - sky clear, cloudless, stars, no moon, ambient lighting dim but very good. Cresting rise on highway approx. 3/4 mile west of intersection of 72E and Jackson County (Alabama) Road 5 when sighted UFO. One car (1.) stopped in right lane very close to intersection of 72E and Co. Rd. 5; second car (2.) stopped in median near that car and intersection and facing east; third car (3.) stopped in left lane of 72W just past second car; fourth car (4.)moving at extremely slow speed in right hand lane of 72W and never stops during entire encounter, accelerating to high speed and passing out of sight to our rear as UFO crosses highway moments later; fifth car (5.) stopped on right shoulder of 72E halfway between us and intersection with Co.Rd. 5 as we pull over to right shoulder also and turn of lights and stop engine. Both westbound vehicles (3., 4.) have all lights on. Car 1. same. Cars 2. and 5. parking lights on. Both of us got out of car to view. Only sound is approaching and then leaving of car 4. but never loud enough to have covered any sound airborne body would have made in my judgment. As we exit car I notice one person standing outside of car 5. UFO appeared to be to our south and moving at maybe fifteen MPH westward (in our direction)above floodplain and along skirts Pisgah Mtn. (?) and Rocky Ridge (?). (How long other stopped vehicles had been watching we had no way of knowing.) Held up right hand and UFO was somewhat fatter and longer than index and middle fingers held together. Craft was at first a pale shape that blotted out dim shapes of hillsides behind it; row of distinctly separate blue, green, and red lights with above and below that a row of distinctly separate white lights. As UFO drew closer it would have been obscured by roadside slope to our right and I walked slowly out onto the highway to keep it in sight. About then it altered its course and turned toward 72E, roughly paralleling Co. Rd. 5 and I reached the median. UFO continued to approach and I noticed person at car 5. moving and saw its dim interior light come on and go off and saw the person had apparently entered his vehicle. I myself admit to then feeling somewhat anxious and began to creep back toward our car and was at the edge of the shoulder beside the car as car 4. went over and down the incline behind us and it effectively became dead quiet. At the next moment the craft passed over 72E. Sorry but I must use a regional comparison: it was the size of Bryant-Denny Stadium, one on top of the other. I had to hold both hands fingers up at about half an arms length to block out the UFO. I guess it was 1/4 to 1/2 mile away. It was a pale gray against the dark sky and totally blocked starlight as it went. The row of colored lights appeared to be along its centerline. They were somewhat vibrant but only moderately bright. The upper and lower rows of white lights were not as bright as auto headlights. There was absolutely no sound at any time from the craft. As it passed over 72E and the railway parallel and north of the highway it veered again, a bit to its left, and accelerated modestly, perhaps to forty to fifty MPH. It was there that it was at its closest to us, perhaps no more the two hundred yards. It looked huge. It moved off over Paint Rock and Gurley between Split Rock and Keel Mountains to become obscured by trees. At this point I turned to my companion who was the first of us to say anything. "What the f--- was that!?" About there I heard the westbound car (3.) accelerate and it gained speed as it passed us racing westward and over the rise behind us. We looked and both cars 1. and 2. had driven away and 5. was pulling out at a high rate of speed. After we got back in the car I continued east as we talked, secretly hoping to catch car 5. But as I rounded the left hand curve past Co. Rd. 5 I could see the tail lights of car 5. were a long way up 72E. He must have been doing 80 or 90 MPH to get that far away from me that quickly. That was the second of three things I have observed for which I have no explanation. It was certainly the most complex sighting I have experienced. It was twenty years ago and I am now 64 and want someone else to know before I die.
Source ID82470