MUFON 80821

It appeared in the sky as if someone had turned on a light bulb, but it looked like a portal As i was WALKING HOME home from school with one of my relatives as far as i can remember, we where walking down metcalf rd,and we turned onto our street which was rossini blvd. when we made the turn,i just happened to look up in the sky and there it was,a white circle above the house, just sitting there, and it looked like a ( portal ) to me.I WAS WATCHING IT FOR APPROXIMATELY FOR ABOUT 30 SECONDS, AND IT DISAPPEARED.I THINK IT HAD MADE A MISTAKE BECAUSE IT WAS ONLY ABOUT 30 FEET OFF THE GROUND, AND IF IT WOULD HAVE COME DOWN LOWER i probably would done something. as I SAID AFTER WATCHING IT IT JUST DISAPPEARED, AND i have never seen anything like it since. I WAS NOT AFRAID OF it, but i was courious,and think it was waiting for something to go through it, but there was no way that was going to happen because we where the only ones out on the street at that time of night, which was not unusual,back then, so we just started walking home and we never talked about it again,because back then there was no one to tell, and if you did say something to some one they would just say you where a young kid and you where just letting your imagination get away from that is pretty much it?
Source ID80821