MUFON 79354

{rjl} was over top of me a sister.was life changing I still remember this Me and my sister observed the craft in front yard.we happen to look up on a clear moon night cause of a humming sound the craft was sitting right over us it had brilliant blue lights on corners very clear and vivid not fussy and it was bright but not where it hurt your eyes bright and had 3 dim whiteish lights under craft. We could see outline of the object it was a triangle and because of the clear bright night. we looked up at craft for at least 5min observing it and I guess it was observing it stated to leave the humming stopped and was silent moving we took off inside to tell others to come look but as we went back outside it's was so faraway not sure how it done that so fast and then it disappeared I will always remember this it was life changing to see that. and I know aviation this was nothing we fly today
Source ID79354