MUFON 78574

Film of nuclear bomb test Jul 1, 1946. Please call me for detail, I can't believe this film is distributed. On my galaxy s5 I see clearly three objects between camera and mushroomcloud I was trying to determine what nuclear weapon testing done after 1945. I take ancient aliens with a grain of salt, but.. from episode that ran fri 8-19-16 there was some alleged documentation indicating that the 1947 Roswell ufos had been brought down by high energy radar. This seemed sketchy to me, after something could travel interstellar distances. So, I got to wondering if (assuming the incident actually occurred) they/it might have been downed with a nuclear device. So, I searched the web, found surprisingly little references for 1945 to 1952, so that made me even more curious. I worked for several weapons development outfits and I know we have never given up any military advantage(s). Well, I finally found a dot org site with some very nice film of the test performed in Bikini Atoll on Jul 1, 1946. Alegedly the first test since WWII. As I began going thru the site, I accidently started the film; near the end were.the objects.At that time I backed out and began this report process. Clearly three objects moving from right to left between the camera lens and the produced cloud. I am petrified that this film will disappear before someone else can see it, which is why I don't provide the address. Plesse call me. And, this sounds crazy, but I just have some strong intuitions that SOMETHING is coming to a head. I have also been hearing a weird humming that occurs every 1 to 4 weeks, since about Sep 2015. At first I thought it might be imagination, but my neighbors 12 year old said it woke him up. Others have also heard this in western Colorado. I know this must sound crazy, it does to me. That film, if real, definitely could have good data to be had. Very clear on my small screen.

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