MUFON 78382

As circular strip at the bottom of the huge building grey behemoth I'm 53 years old, January 12, 2016, when three o'clock midnight fast, send a dream, forget the front, later dream car lights floating in the night sky, and urgency, he suddenly woke up probably nerves short circuit, then all of a sudden turned his memory, immediately very clearly remember forty years ago in a night scene, when I was still in elementary school estimate, home piece of five to six meters wide east-west East Gate Street, two rows of brick or tile bungalow, the impression of trees in front of my house is gone, that is to say the sky is open, after a summer dinner about seven to eight, and suddenly was called to see the sky, only See the original gray sky clouds quickly spread, also appeared in the sky bright, yes, there is lightning, the feeling seems to rain before, I saw the gray, and some hair with light, several large and small hundreds of thousands of a variety of flying objects, overwhelming, in the near and far different air from the west to the east and flew silently uniform, some flying very low, just like what we now see low-flying fighter jets during the height of almost There are many buildings, like the bottom of a circular elongated huge gray monster, a large gray spherical shape, as there is a huge circular cages are hollow but surrounded by a string of glowing, consisting of tubular glowing party pillar shape, there are constantly rotating and flashing light, very thin but high glowing, shape a lot, specifically forgot, anyway very spectacular, was heard to say what the weather like adults, anyway Nobody knows who the Flyers speed is not fast, disappear estimate from there to a lot of minutes seem to remember those giant ass is flat. East Gate Street that night was full of people who look up to that time are still no television, no cameras, and no video, do not know ufo like, read about one hour before flying finish, remember the last light is flashing things spiral in the air high fly slowly away, genius dark, so a huge aerial migration activity, is certainly able to watch the whole city, and witnesses also expected thousands recommendation interested scientists to the field to investigate and asked the specific address is: Guangdong Qingyuan city's Old Town. I want someone to uncover the truth of this big event of the real situation and the universe. Or go Check your local county record may not necessarily be recorded. Suddenly woke up at three o 'clock this morning, a dream, and then suddenly remember forty years ago during a night scene, at that time, the old east gate street or two rows of brick wall tiles bungalow, my family's in front of the young trees should have no, should be about eight on summer nights, suddenly someone called to see the sky and see the gray sky, and all kinds of geometric object, from the west side of the printing shop in the high and low degree of different air silent quickly fly to the east park, there are spherical, square column composed of a tubular, has the same great gray building object, has turned the gyro sparkling, anyway, very spectacular, east gate street station is full of hope in that night, there was no camera, no video, also don't know the UFO, and so on watch for almost an hour to complete, remember the last is sparkling things spiral slowly fly away, dark genius, don't know who else remember this thing?
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