MUFON 78332

Glowed orange yellow and hovered glowing, no noise . Was stationed in Berlin from 1976 to 1979 , in 1978 was part of IRF ( Immediate Reaction Force ) that was sent to Italy due to threats from the Red Brigade communist terrorist organization. We were in the hills over Perugia Italy setting up a perimeter and had field guard duty in foxholes . A friend and I were taking the 2 am to 6 am shift, we looked over the hill we were on and saw a bright orange yellow object hovering . We looked at each other and our guard shift was over, it would appear we had lost four hours , it was 6 am. We never spoke of it for over twenty years. Called each other after that time period and discussed it for the first time. I have researched this and found that there were UFO sightings in that area during that time period. [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] This web address will show the object I am POSITIVE what we saw.
Source ID78332