MUFON 7810

This unique film shot at 2001 and it was misplaced till I foud it mixed with my plenty big UFO tapes colloctions which I personaly shot and recorded during my researches to find the truth about UFO . This is concernning the same case ,please return to my previous repotr. This unique object was taking many shapes and transformis during recorded time.Shapes as per my fotos which I sent to you and were took from the screen of my TV 29 inches ,by my cell-phone camera type Nokia 6111 which my tv was displayed the recorded film by direct connection to my video camera to avoid any damage to the origional crystal clear. The shapes were as follow :- 1- Semi Clyinder 2- Cone 3- Disc with two stands ? 4- Incomplete V shape ,looks like half wing of a butterfly ? Thanks. Dr.Ibrahim Egyptian Ufologist

Source ID7810