MUFON 77683

Please see the description below. I do not have a full report but can contact the person who took the shots and get a fuller description Hi, I am submitting the photos [pdf] on behalf of a friend [initials: TL] living in Singapore. I live in Malaysia. The photos form part of a much larger collection of UFOs. TL would often get instructions during meditation to aim at a certain part of the sky and take photos there and then. That was how he discovered UFO images appearing on the shots. Although there is this open invitation to communicate with them via telepathy, he has so far refrained from this, as he feels that there may be security risks involved. I am unable to provide details here as this is intended to be a preliminary submission. If you have any questions, send them so that I can submit them on his behalf. p/s I've entered 'unknown' for a few of the above entries [sorry!] as I personally do not have the required info. You should be able to get the required info directly from the person involved. Kindest regards Cjuan
Source ID77683