MUFON 77612

My sisterdove along the highway, not even realizing how far we've come. we stayed over night at a friends home, but had to leave early for my nieces beauty contest. but we forgot our guinea pig back in kapisillit. that misty thing appeared as we came home We were back home in Nuuk, sitting in the car. We were blinded by a light,so my sister had to stop the car. We forst thought it was one of those mermaid posters covering nuuks buildings these days. But it turned out not to be...the object flew in our direction, stayed for a while and then turned into another direction. All the time it was glowing and sending light messages to us - at least it seemed to do so, because it send random flashes towards us. It left after less than an hour but we were too shocked to move. I missed my nieces beauty contest, and our guinea pig died. Maybe because of the stress&pressure OR because it was scared, but maybe also because of external sister and me didnt even talk, we were too shocked and still are. In the end it just disappeared. Everything was quiet as if nothing has changed and actually nothing DID change
Source ID77612