MUFON 77191

{rjl} Ok I was 8 I'm now 28 I still believe what I saw was a ufo a round saucer loud with lights of various colors around it about 100 ft over my apt. Bldg. I was only 8 years old I kept it to myself allot because people called me crazy and made fun, I lived in winona ms with my mom and dad my mother is the only one who believed me she's now deceased it was about 1 am I was laying in bed and heard a loud I mean really loud noise, I look out my window and right above the trees is a round saucer shaped disc hovering with lights all around it red purple blue green yellow all kinds of colored lights my mom was sweeping the front porch of our apt.and she heard it I went running to her and by time I went to her and we went to look again it was gone it was huge like 300-400 feet, and really really loud, I told people about it but then I was called crazy and was told it was just a weather balloon or something, no I know what I saw and 20 years later I still remember how it looked and sounded it was not a plane helicopter jet weather balloon or anything I've heard of or seen what I saw was a ufo. Ever since that night I always look to the sky looking for more.

Source ID77191