MUFON 76768

Two photos 10th of a second apart show 'something' cylindrical that is casting a beam upward. Whilst on holiday (predominantly in South Africa) we had a 2 day short stopover in Singapore in June of 2006 before heading back home to Australia. On top of the Merlion at Sentosa Island, Singapore I tried to capture the Tiger Sky Tower revolving restaurant before it disappeared from view behind trees....I took two quick shots (burst) on a new Nikon D50 in RAW format. Upon viewing the pictures on the D50's tiny screen to see if I had caught the restaurant I noticed a dot which I thought may be a speck on the lens but there was nothing visible on the lens to note of when I checked it. About a week later when viewing all the photos from our trip I froze when I saw the two pictures of the restaurant. In each image there is a cylindrical object of a matte dull grey colour which looks to be a emitting a beam upward. The photos taken a 10th of a second apart shows that the object had traveled a (unknown) distance from one frame to the next. The object (to me) resembles the same shape as a Lego man's head. There is a shadow beneath it (cast from the light of the sun above) showing that is three dimensional. I have absolutely no idea what this could be. I did not actually witness anything in the sky (probably because looking through the D50's view finder) and I didn't notice anything odd through the view finder either. Being new to the camera (and photography in general) I was shooting everything in RAW format (for the whole trip) which luckily records a lot of data about each photo to do with the camera. I'm hoping by submitting these photos I may get some answer perhaps(?). The photos I am submitting are 'lower quality' JPEGS taken from the original Nikon NEF/RAW format...which I am happy to forward for analysis.
Source ID76768