MUFON 76041

Bright Light, stationary. darted. Stationary. Darted. Stationary Dissapeared. Bright star very white with Red "Ears". Noticed by 4 year old daughter. Stationary for 6 minuets. I checked "sky map" app, no planet or star. After looking at Sky map object had moved to lower location, maybe 1km further away in seconds. I took video with smart phone. No movement. Item moved again, lower and maybe 1km further away, must have been instant. I videoed object and it instantly disappeared. I was awiting for someone to return to the house, standing on the balcony with my daughter. She pointed out the "star" with the red on it. I thought it was an airoplane, but no moving at all. I thought it could be a planet so went to get smart phone to check "sky map" app. The object was still as I did all this 5 minutes. Looked up to see the object had moved, Took video but no event object was stationary. Object had moved again. Took video and the light just stopped. Not Helicopter, object seemed too high and re-located too quick.Light was too bright and still. Not plane it was stationary for long periods. Had to be something we don't have here. Hence took video Light stopped, stopped quicker than a bulb turned off. 10deg 33 min N 103Deg 28 min E Need help here with download video, will do if you are interested.
Source ID76041