MUFON 7570

Rose in nothern sky to 30 degrees, stopped, made rapid, sharp turns then shot to horizon within a fraction of a second. This is not remarkable compared to other sightings but it stuck with me. I was a young Marine sent to Morocco, attached to the Royal Sharifan Armed Forces. I had to have a Top-Secret Security clearance. The Navy had communications installations in Morocco; at least that's what I was told. On my base at Sidi Yahia, there was a top secret building where we were not allowed to go. (It wasn't a large building; perhaps 3,000 square feet for what could be seen). The installation has since been closed. I was sitting on a bench, awaiting a bus to take me to Kenitra for liberty. I was talking to a Moroccan friend of mine in French. I saw a star-like object rise in the sky in front of us and I told my friend that it was our new, telecommunications satellite, Telstar. Then, Telstar stopped dead. Then it made a series of maneuvers including impossible, sharp-angled turns before it came to a stop and it's movements were slow and aimless. Then, the object shot to the horizon within perhaps a 1/4 of a second. My friend looked at me and said: "Soucoupe Volante!" which is French for "Flying Saucer." I had not been drinking. I've never been a big drinker. The sky was clear and vision was as clear as you'd expect of a desert environment. I spoke of the experience in the squadbay and the company commander, a mustanger, summoned me to his office. He asked if I wanted to report a UFO. I told him I didn't particularly want to. He responded that I was, then, not to speak about it in the squadbay. I agreed. I don't recall any missing time. I never had any other strange experiences as far as I know. I do dream about flying saucers from time-to-time. I also have dreams of flying without benefit of any kind of artifact. I don't know that there's anything more to it than that.
Source ID7570