MUFON 75664

Shape Shifting crystal/hairy like structure UFO I was standing near my car in front of a small shop across the street. The place is a commercial neighborhood. When suddenly I spotted something coming from the North direction. It was slow moving but pretty close it looked no so big probably smaller than a sedan car. At first I thought it was a plastic bag flown by the wind but the surprise was when it go closer and I started seeing the details of the object it was so AMAZING! It had weird like crystal structures coming in and out from reality it looked like a physical object but also like it was coming from another dimension it looked alive like a biological UFO. I also saw that it changes shape to a hairy like structure and when the UFO came right on top of me and I saw the color of it it was between dark reflective green and black I couldnt identified thats why it looked like its coming from a virtual reality sometimes it looks solid and sometimes it looks jelly. I even asked two of the shop owners and they coundt identify it. When the object passed me I starting following it and it became much higher to the point it reached the clouds and thats where it became like a circular physical object with fuzzy edges. It was a perfect camouflage with the clouds. I took pictures during all of this but it was with my Iphone4 camera and its not that clear even after I zoom in. Still am pretty sure its not an airplane or drone or anything usual. I have already heard about shape shifting UFOs but I never thought they are real! Now I know its true.
Source ID75664