MUFON 75037

Taking a walk. Stoping to talk to neighbours, then up above on a clear sky, this large disk, not moving, and suddenly vertically at fast speed enter the skies! I was walking with my fianc1e in her neighbouring streets, a small village on the outskirt of Trois-Rivi1res, QC. Canada. It was clear-sky mid-Summer in 1956. She introduced me to the neighbours she knew well. Then while she was talking to this elderly couple, possibly in their 70's, I felt as if I had to look up above to the sky. Like compelled to look up as if I had to. When I did look up, I saw this very large disc, like a very large unpolish car wheel cover or hubcap. I pressed my girlfriend's hand, interrupting her conversation with her friends neighbours, and said: "Hey, look-up... what is that?" As I said those words,she looked up and saw it to and suddenly that thing just entered straight up into the sky at a very great speed, until we just saw as a small dot disappearing away into the skies. We did not know what that thing was. The day after we learned that other people had also seen this object. I felt elated to have seen such a thing but not knowing exactly what it was... and still dont know what this object was. Are there any record from 1956 of this event in Trois-Rivi1res or its vicinity? Although I do recall reading something about this event in a book some years ago. I dont know what has become of this book or its title or anything more about it. Would you have any record in your files? Or other witnesses?
Source ID75037